Governance Services

Every organisation has systems of rules and structure that are used to exercise control over its various resources. 

Are the rules and structures of your organisation ensuring that you meet your stated objectives?

Our services include, among others:

  • drafting, reviewing and updating of Board Charters;
  • assessing board compositions in line with best practice;
  • reviewing management structures;
  • assessing policies and procedures;
  • drafting, reviewing and updating of policies and procedures;
  • training on the drafting and updating of policies and procedures; and
  • assisting with the implementation of documented policies and procedures.


Contracting Services

Organisations enter into various agreements as part of the ordinary course of business. Written agreements record the intent of the affected persons (natural or juristic), and usually the intent is to protect the rights of each person. However, not all verbal or written agreements are legally enforceable contracts. Do you know the difference?


The following are some of our service offerings:

    • We determine whether the required contracts between relevant parties are in place and whether they are sufficient.
    • If there is more than one director in your company, or more than one member in your close corporation, we can formalise those relationships (shareholders’ agreement, board charter, delegations of authority etc.).
    • We provide assistance with the drafting of resolutions; the declaration of dividends; annual general meetings and adoption of financial statements; and any statutory filings.
    • Reviewing and drafting of contracts with clients.
    • Reviewing and drafting of contracts with suppliers.
    • Reviewing and drafting of contracts with sub-contractors.
    • Reviewing and drafting of contracts with creditors; financial institutions (banks, microlenders, trade financiers); and informal sources of funding, like the family member or friend who lent your business money.
    • Reviewing and drafting of employment contracts with employees (permanent and fixed-term employees; and consultants).


Compliance Services

There are more than 30 categories of legislation applicable and relevant to a South African business. Without a regular assessment of your organisation’s level of compliance, even if that assessment is a self-assessment, your organisation is at risk of being non-compliant.

Are you aware of the 10 most relevant Acts that your organisation should comply with?

Are you confident that your organisation is compliant to applicable legislation?

We can assist by:

  • determining your organisation’s regulatory universe (Identifying the 10 pieces of legislation that are most relevant to your organisation);
  • designing a compliance risk management plan (Approach and methodology to be followed to effectively manage your compliance risk);
  • ongoing compliance monitoring; and
  • providing outsourced compliance services.


FICA / AML Services

South Africa is a member of Financial Action Task Force (“FATF”) and has committed to enforce anti-money laundering (“AML”) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (“CTF”). The Financial Intelligence Centre Act of South Africa (“FICA”) expects every organisation to proactively manage the risk of money laundering and terror financing.

Are you confident in your ability to manage your organisation’s risk in relation to money laundering and terror financing?

We can:

  • design and prepare a Risk Management Compliance Programme;
  • assist with the implementation and embedding of the Risk Management Compliance Programme; and
  • provide outsourced FICA / AML compliance monitoring.