These services are available to all organisations, regardless of industry or size

Governance Services

Each organisation has rules and structures that are used to exercise control over its various resources.

Are the rules and structures of your organisation ensuring that you meet your objectives?

Contracting Services

Organisations enter into various agreements as part of the ordinary course of business. Written agreements record the intent of the affected persons (natural or juristic) and, usually, the intent is to provide protection by clearly defining each person’s rights and obligations. However, not all verbal or written agreements are legally enforceable contracts. Do you know the difference?

Do you have contracts in place to protect yourself?

Do you have contracts in place to protect your organisation?



Compliance Services

There are more than 30 categories of legislation applicable and relevant to each South African business. Without a regular assessment of your organisation’s level of compliance, even if that assessment is a self-assessment, your organisation is at risk of being non-compliant.

Are you aware of the 10 most relevant acts that your organisation should comply with?

Are you confident that your organisation is compliant with applicable legislation?


We not only advise but also embed and monitor effective implementation on a continuous basis.

Our turnkey solutions encompass analysis, legal advice, practical implementation and monitoring of those processes.

We further assist with business structure analysis, including the formalisation of roles and responsibilities between the partners, members, directors and shareholders. In particular, we can assist in cases where undefined roles and responsibilities are causing friction or conflict between the members of management themselves and also non-executives, where applicable.

Finally, any other concerns regarding corporate governance, contracting and compliance can be addressed by our experienced team of advisors.

Nic Louw

Managing Director

An experienced legal, risk and compliance professional, who can assist businesses in identifying and solving complex legal and operational problems. Nic has extensive background in advising boards of directors, executive management and businesses of varying sizes on various matters.

He has held the role of senior legal counsel / head of legal & compliance in various businesses, including medium-sized startups and listed multinationals.  He focuses on identifying and solving complex operational, legal, secretarial and compliance problems in a manner that addresses the requirements of management, shareholders, employees and regulators.

His multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving supports businesses on an operational level and provides solutions that are cost effective and easy to implement.

He holds a BA (Stell); LLB (Stell); and MBA (Wits), as well as being a FAIS Compliance Officer (CO5868), a Representative and Key Individual.